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Whether you own a small residential living space or something much bigger, gutters are essential to your house’s roofing system. This vital component collects rainwater and directs it from the house’s foundation, preventing costly issues like water damage. They can also help prevent erosion around your property, help maintain your landscaping’s integrity, and safeguard your family from harmful mold and mildew exposure. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook their significance and may forget to clean and repair them. These costly damages will eventually warrant them to replace the broken parts. However, it goes beyond randomly choosing new components. 

If you want to defend your property from damage during the rainy season, this article will enumerate some questions to ask yourself when considering a gutter replacement. 

1. How Much Does the Gutter Replacement Cost?

Changing your faulty gutters can come with varying costs depending on the company and the type that your home has. You must calculate the materials’ price based on the length of gutters required, ranging from $3 to $25 per linear foot. You must also know that hiring a professional company to install the new parts and remove the old ones can cost over $1000, depending on how much work you should do and the required amount of material necessary for installation. 

2. Does My Home Have Roof Damage?

When replacing or letting a professional contractor install your new gutters, you must check your roof for any damages. Besides improving your property value and preventing leaks inside your home, this step ensures that you or the company attaches the new parts correctly. 

When you notice damage to the roof near where you or the professional installs the new gutter, you must repair the faults before replacing them. This step will help maintain your roof’s structural integrity, protect your home from water damage, and prevent mold growth. Otherwise, the gutters won’t last as long, and you can’t install them properly. 

3. What Is the Gutters’ Size?

There’s nothing more stressful than seeing water spilling over your gutters’ sides during a rainstorm. When this happens, they’re not big enough and may cause expensive water damage if you don’t address it immediately. 

If you replace them during your home improvement project, you must get the correct size to prevent overflow. As long as your area doesn’t experience extreme weather, the gutters must be able to handle the rainfall and direct it to the ground.

4. Should I DIY This Project or Seek Professional Help?

Although hiring a professional to replace your gutters can be costly, doing it yourself can help you save money. However, you must invest more time to learn the proper technique of removing and installing new ones. You may also need to ask others for help, depending on the type of gutters your house has. Moreover, your friends’ or neighbors’ assistance is especially crucial because you’ll need to climb onto your roof, remove the old parts, and install the new ones. 

5. Should I Upgrade or Leave It?

Although initially costly, investing in high-quality gutters when replacing them can save money in the long run because they require less maintenance and are more durable. On the other hand, cheaper options need more upkeep and repairs. 

Do Companies Offer a Free Cost Estimate?

When looking for gutter replacement companies, most offer a gutter replacement cost estimator. This tool lets you input your details and receive an estimated cost for the gutter replacement service from the company. It will also help you know the project’s price range and find the most suitable business. 


While considering gutter replacements can help address property damage, you must ask yourself some essential questions to ensure a stress-free home improvement project. You can protect your home during rainy days by determining your budget, repairing the roof damages, and working with a professional company. 

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