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Old Home With Foundation Problems

There is no denying that finding the right property can be a challenging process. Many people are opting for old houses because they come with multiple advantages. Of course, the most significant one is that they usually come with a lower price tag compared to a new house.

However, the price is not the only reason to go for an old home. These properties can sometimes have a distinct character. It is nice to think of all the precious memories that the people before you created within the same walls.

Despite its pros and cons, there are a few things to consider before buying an old home. In this article, you are going to learn the things to check before purchasing the property of your dreams. This way, you can be sure that it is safe for you and your family and that it won’t cost you a fortune in repairs.

#1 Foundation Issues

Before we get into more detail about when each process will be the best, it would be useful to explain what rebuilding and remodeling entail. Even though the processes are rather different, they will both bring big changes to your property.

Remodeling is when you are changing the structure of your existing house. This process will lead to structural changes in the design of the building, which will affect both the layout and the space.

Rebuilding, on the other hand, is a drastic approach. In essence, you will be demolishing the existing structure to build a new one. When you choose this process, you can create an entirely new design that will transform your property. 

cracked foundation

#2 Outdated Electrical Wiring

Life has changed significantly over the last few decades, and this is something that can be noticed in the homes we live in. Nowadays, for example, we require multiple electrical outlets that can support our lifestyle. However, this is something that didn’t happen in the past. Moreover, an outdated wiring system is a potential threat to home fires. This is the reason why you should have a professional check the electrical wiring to assess whether they need replacement.

wall with electrical wiring that needs repair

#3 Dangerous Building Materials

One of the most important things that you must check before purchasing an old house is whether dangerous materials were used for its construction. The main materials that you should be wary of are lead and asbestos.

Lead was widely used up until 1978 in paint, both for the exterior and the interior of the building. Asbestos was used in roofing, wallboard patching, and fireplaces, among other uses. The common thing among these materials is that they can cause serious health issues. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a house that dates before the mid-70s, you should check for their potential presence. 

A worker removing asbestos from a home

#4 Radon and Air Quality

Another thing that you should do before you buy an old house is to monitor air quality for radon and carbon monoxide. Both gasses are odorless, which means that you cannot distinguish them yourselves. A professional will be in a position to determine whether there are alarming levels of these gasses in the house.

Image of a radon free home

#5 Roof Condition

A roof is one of the house’s elements that gets exposed to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to find old homes with roofs in bad shape. However, a poorly maintained roof might cause you all sorts of issues. While some of them are easy to fix, others will cause you a lot of inconvenience and cost you a lot of money.

Even though an old home might be picturesque and affordable, there are some things that you need to consider beforehand. Check these elements to ensure that you will purchase a great home for you and your family.

Home with a damaged roof that needs repair