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Commercial irrigation systems play a critical role in maintaining the beauty and health of landscapes in Minnesota’s businesses, public areas, and residential communities. However, navigating options for upgrading or maintaining these systems can be challenging, especially when balancing efficiency, cost-saving measures, and environmental concerns. With more than 20 years of experience, Image Contracting understands these challenges and provides exceptional general contracting and construction services, including residential and commercial irrigation sales and service in the North Metro Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

Despite the prevalence of these systems, many commercial property owners are still using outdated irrigation technology that does not maximize efficiency or environmental conservation. Advanced irrigation systems can greatly enhance overall water management by delivering the right amount of water to plants at optimal times, minimizing water waste, and reducing utility costs. Upgrading to a modern irrigation system significantly improves water use efficiency and contributes to a well-kept, sustainable landscaping solution.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why upgrading and maintaining commercial irrigation systems are crucial for businesses and property owners in Minnesota, taking you through the benefits of these system enhancements. We will also discuss how Image Contracting can help you maximize the return on your investment by implementing state-of-the-art irrigation systems and providing expert maintenance service, ensuring your landscape remains both functional and appealing.

Water Management Optimization

Understanding your water usage is the first step toward optimizing your commercial irrigation system. By monitoring your property’s water consumption, you can identify areas for improvement and work with Image Contracting to develop solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Irrigation Technologies for Efficiency

Irrigation technologies for efficiency have seen significant advancements in recent years. Evolutions such as smart controllers, soil moisture sensors, and high-efficiency nozzles have led to more accurate water delivery, minimal waste, and significant savings. Image Contracting’s expertise in modern irrigation technology can help you capitalize on these improvements, enhancing your system’s overall efficiency.

Weather-Based Irrigation Adjustments

Weather-based irrigation Adjustments can reduce water waste by adjusting schedules based on real-time weather data, preventing overwatering during unexpected rainfall events. Image Contracting’s experienced team can recommend and install weather-based technologies, enabling your irrigation system to proactively respond to changing weather conditions.

Commercial Irrigation System Upgrades

Assessing Your Current System

Assessing your current system is a crucial part of the process when upgrading your commercial irrigation system. Image Contracting evaluates your existing components to identify vulnerabilities and inefficiencies, establishing a foundation for improvement recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Retrofitting vs. Replacing Components

Retrofitting vs. replacing components must be carefully considered when upgrading your irrigation system. Image Contracting works with you to weigh the benefits and costs of retrofitting existing components versus a complete replacement, ensuring the most cost-effective and impactful update solution.

ROI Expectations

ROI expectations for commercial irrigation system upgrades are essential to understanding the long-term benefits of investing in improvements. Image Contracting calculates expected water savings, energy efficiency gains, and the potential for reduced maintenance costs, providing you with valuable insights to guide your system upgrade decisions.

Maintenance and Monitoring for Peak Performance

Regular System Inspections

Regular system inspections are an integral part of maintaining the performance and efficiency of your commercial irrigation system. Image Contracting offers routine inspections to identify issues before they escalate, making informed recommendations to keep your system operating optimally.

Seasonal Adjustments and Winterizing

Seasonal adjustments and winterizing are essential for keeping your irrigation system functioning properly throughout Minnesota’s varied seasons. Image Contracting’s expert technicians provide the necessary adjustments to protect your equipment from cold weather damage and ensure optimal performance during warmer months.

Emergency Repair Services

Emergency repair services can quickly rectify unexpected irrigation system issues, minimizing disruption and financial losses. Image Contracting’s responsive team is prepared to address emergency repairs promptly, ensuring that water waste and property damage are kept to a minimum.

Sustainable Irrigation Practices for Environmentally Conscious Property Owners

Water Conservation Strategies

Water Conservation Strategies are a critical component of sustainable commercial irrigation system design. Image Contracting is well-versed in the latest water-wise technologies and best practices, enabling clients to significantly reduce their water consumption while maintaining vibrant landscapes.

Native Plant Landscaping

Native Plant Landscaping can increase your property’s water efficiency and support local ecosystems. Image Contracting’s skilled landscape designers can recommend native plant species that require less water, pesticides, and fertilizers, contributing to a greener, healthier environment.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management is another crucial aspect of responsible commercial irrigation practices. Efficient systems with biofiltration capabilities collect and clean stormwater runoff, reducing pollution entering local bodies of water. Image Contracting helps clients implement effective stormwater management solutions, balancing environmental responsibility with efficient irrigation practices.


Upgrading, maintaining, and optimizing commercial irrigation systems are essential for efficient water management, cost savings, and sustainable landscaping practices in Minnesota, especially with today’s increasing focus on environmental conservation. Partnering with Image Contracting ensures access to expert guidance, state-of-the-art technologies, and highly-skilled maintenance service, all geared towards maximizing the benefits of your irrigation system investments. 

Whether your goal is to improve water efficiency, lower utility costs, or enhance your property’s visual appeal, Image Contracting can help you achieve lasting success through customized irrigation system solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of the North Metro Twin Cities Metropolitan area.