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Did you know hail as little as 1” in diameter can damage your roof, gutters, windows, or siding? Homeowners, commercial property owners, and rental property owners all over central Minnesota, the Twin Cities, and Western Wisconsin know we’ve been hit hard this summer with several hail storms all over the region. Since your homeowner’s insurance typically covers this damage, you are more likely to take action to repair or replace your roof.

Deceitful roofing and siding contractors known as “storm chasers” descend on vulnerable and hard-hit areas due to sophisticated software that highlights areas hit by powerful storms. These contractors can cheat and swindle homeowners and property owners with inferior roofing, siding, and window installations.

You can avoid falling for deceptive schemes by recognizing these storm chasers

Baseball sized hail
Hail damage on roof after hailstorm

What is a storm chaser?

Roofing contractors known as storm chasers visit areas that have recently experienced severe wind, hail, and rain. To locate significant storms and estimate the worth of homes damaged, they use specialized systems. They determine the price of a new roof using their understanding of insurance companies. They knock on doors to let neighbors know they have roofing services available and often pressure the homeowner into believing that reputable, nearby roofing companies are probably overworked and overbooked. They usually begin by providing a free roof examination. These skilled salesmen often use high-pressure sales tactics and create a sense of urgency to get the homeowner to sign a contract.

Why do storm chasers often fail?

Most storm chasers merely fix a damaged roof with the bare minimum products to get the job done. They swiftly construct a new roof using the cheapest materials, frequently skipping crucial components and neglecting to fix things properly. Some of these storm chasers have even been known to collect a down payment from you or your insurance payout, and then skip town before repairing your roof or siding! Choosing a local, trusted contractor, like Image Contracting, skilled in both residential roof replacement and commercial roof replacement use high-quality materials and installation that can leave you with a roof lasting over 30 years or more. Professional contractors also maintain insurance and professional licenses.

young sales man at his desk

How do I know if someone is a storm chaser?

If a roofing contractor knocks on your door, it is the first indication that anything is off. Reputable contractors often receive referrals for work from previous or existing customers, especially after a significant storm. Storm chasers can’t rely on the likelihood that people in need of roof repair will discover them since they follow the storms everywhere they go because they move around. Storm chasers can occasionally even go so far as to claim they were hired by

a local business that has previously repaired your roof. If this occurs, request documentation. Google every company name.

Beware if a contractor demands payment upfront and in cash.

Will my local contractor sub out to a storm chaser?

Quality, locally owned contractors understand that referrals are key to the ongoing success of their own business and do not jeopardize their relationship with home and property owners by subbing work out to “storm chasing” companies. Image Contracting are experts in project management and intentional scheduling.

Reputable local contractors and inusrance

Trustworthy local roofing and siding contractors should have someone skilled in reading homeowner policies and commercial insurance policies to make sure that you, the property owner, receive the replacement coverage that you are entitled to. Image Contracting can even work with your insurance company directly, in case your adjustor missed storm damage to your roof, window, gutters, siding, and even HVAC systems and garage doors. Experienced and trusted contractors work with insurance companies daily, and not only once-in-a-lifetime hail damage events, storm damage events, or other catastrophic events.

Your house, Your choice

Don’t hire contractors who are forced on you. Whether a storm chaser or a “pre-approved” contractor from your insurance company, as the homeowner, you should choose the contractor you want to work with. Storm chasers may pressure you into signing a contract on the spot, leaving you with shoddy or non-superior work. “Pre-approved” contractors essentially work for the insurance company in these situations, the contractors are frequently underpaid. This means that because the insurance company is looking to cut costs as much as possible, price frequently takes precedence over quality.

One point of contact

Working with your reputable locally owned, locally operated contractor for roof replacement, window replacement or siding replacement will allow you to have one point of contact as we work through the roof, windows, or siding replacement. Questions are directed to one project manager and you will not get lost in the shuffle of a nationwide database of customers. Image Contracting treats their customers like clients, and wants to be there for future projects their clients have.

Image Contracting is a local, family-owned business that is trusted in the industry and known for providing unsurpassed levels of quality, value, and satisfaction on every job we work on. We are a General Contractor and Construction company that takes pleasure in providing the highest quality service. Please think of Image Contracting to help build your dream projects.