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Though the answer might depend on what home remodeling project you are considering, several projects may still be executed during the harsh Minnesotan winters, including window replacement. As the temperature drops and the chilly wind blows, you may be more aware of cool drafts near your windows and doors. Warmth and dollars disappearing from your home.

Many homeowners and commercial property owners do not think about the advantages of a wintertime renovation including:

  • Increased contractor flexibility
  • Less demand and shorter ordering timelines on supplies
  • Energy savings
  • Window replacement for homeowners while on a winter vacation or snowbirding in warmer climates.

Can you replace windows and doors in the winter?

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Yes, you can install new replacement windows and doors in your home despite the cold conditions. Extra care will be taken to keep your house warm and cozy while the installation is being done.

Homeowners who replace their windows in the winter may experience an immediate improvement in their level of comfort. You might realize energy savings for the remainder of the heating season in addition to increased comfort. According to the US Energy Information Administration, households can expect the average winter heating costs to rise by up to 28% this winter.

Expert installers, like those at Image Contracting, swiftly and efficiently install replacement windows and doors, and sliding doors to minimize heat loss during construction.

Winter makes it easy to see if your windows need replacement.

Winter is the ideal time to check your windows to see whether they need to be replaced.

When the temperature drops, especially on chilly winter mornings, you can check to see if the windows allow cold air to enter your home and if there is any condensation between the double pane.

Additionally, this is the time when you’ll discover whether your windows are difficult to open or close or if there are any leaks.

For "off-season" discounts, replace your windows in the winter.

In addition to being simpler to arrange during the winter, many manufacturers also provide discounts, specials, or other incentives during this time. Ask your contractor about any current specials.

Do window sealants work in cold temps?

Yes! Professional window products make it easy to install new windows even when the temps are below 0.

Precautions for Winter Window Replacement

A dedicated window contractor will take extra precautions when installing windows in the winter to preserve the heat inside the house and reduce exposure to the weather including shutting off each room with temporary zip walls if the window or door is unable to be isolated.

To avoid opening and closing doors and the amount of snow and mud tracked throughout the house, it is normal practice to have one installer work within the house and another outside when installing winter windows. Additionally, window installers could use drop cloths throughout the house to shield floors from dirt, trash, and foot traffic to safeguard your home from the winter weather.

Winter window installation may require a little more preparation in terms of removing the old window and cleaning afterward, but it is doable, and expert installers are ready and equipped to handle the weather to install windows correctly in any weather condition.

Your home will remain pleasant and tidy during a winter window installation if you hire the best window installer for the job. To learn more about other factors to take into account when assessing window installers, view our helpful list of questions to ask.

Image Contracting are specialist in winter window replacement installation. Image Contracting can also replace doors and patio doors to take the chill out of your home and allow you to spend the rest of the winter in comfy, cozy energy efficient conditions. Image Contracting has experienced Minnesota window and professionals to help you obtain the high-quality modifications you need to make the most of your home, so give us a call now at 651-674-5530 to receive your free window or door installation estimate or fill out our contact form. We’ll never spam or sell your information to a third party.