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Our Residential Siding Services

Siding Repair and Installation In Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul 

We put the needs of our customers first and provide the greatest siding options in Minnesota. You can trust Image Contracting to go above and beyond and to get the job done right. We have a proven track record and our experience is unmatched.

We are customer focused and deliver the best siding solutions in Minnesota. You can count on Image Contracting to exceed your siding project expectations. Please give us a call for your free siding consultation and siding project estimate.


Siding Repair

Our team of specialists can assist you if your siding is damaged or needs to be changed for any reason. We'll work with you to come up with the greatest solution for your home and budget, so you can get your siding fixed as soon as possible.

Siding improves the appearance of your home and, depending on the type of siding you pick, can even make it more energy efficient. Siding can also aid in the repair of invisible structural damage, which is frequently undetectable without completely removing the siding or drywall.

Signs your siding needs to be repaired

  • Cracked siding 
  • Dented siding
  • Loose siding
  • Minor mold
  • Minor storm damage

Siding Replacement

Your property's exterior appeal and value can benefit from new siding. It can also help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you're thinking of replacing your home's siding, give Image Contracting a call today to set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable contractors.

Choosing the right siding contractor for replacement might mean the difference between a great home renovation experience and a bad one. Repairing your siding isn’t always sufficient, so we’re here for you in case you need to replace it. 

Signs your siding needs to be replaced

  • Siding has rot
  • Siding is stained
  • High energy bills
  • Constant maintenance
  • Storm damage
Siding Storm Damge

Our Working Process



We will arrive at your home on time and talk to you about the issues you are facing with your siding. Next we will inspect the siding and look for cracks, dents, mold, rot stains or storm damage and determine if we repair or replace the siding.



Our comprehensive siding proposal includes the following:

  • Project Cost
  • Project Timeline
  • Itemized Costs
  • Proof of License and Insurance
  • Siding Types and Materials
  •  Guarantees and Warranties
  • Payment Terms
  • Change Order Provision


Repairing or replacing siding in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities is a detailed process. We guarantee that every step of the repair or installation is followed precisely so that the siding looks good for years to come.



Whether we repaired the siding or replaced it, we inspect our work to make sure it has been done correctly. Some things we inspect are:

  • Make sure siding is smooth – no buckling or warping
  • Adequate space between fasteners
  • Visible seams
  • Adequate Flashing
  • Proper nailing 

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Before New Siding

Before New Siding

After New Siding

After New Siding

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