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Water Diversion & Trenching

Water Diversion, Trenching, Bobcat & Mini Backhoe Work in the North Metro Twin Cities & Surrounding Areas

DDo you have issues with water erosion or constant flooding in your basement? Have you tried redirecting or diverting the flow of water? Image Contracting LLC has the experience and equipment required to properly divert water flow thus eliminating the costly damage that water can do to your home or property. Not all water flow can be diverted however in many cases digging a drainage trench or dropping in a culvert can be just what you need. Our Bobcat and mini backhoe are the right equipment for digging drainage solutions without the added expense and hassles of destroying your lawn.

Are you in need power down to dock or out to your pole barn or out building? How about a pesky stump dug up and removed? Sometimes large equipment can cause more issues than they solve which is why Image Contracting LLC specializes in smaller dirt removal, excavation and trenching jobs. Our equipment is big enough to get the job done yet small enough to do the job without destroying your property.

For more information about our water diversion and trenching services please call us at 651-674-5530